OK -check it out–Have heard from 5 professional men–You all need to read "MEN TO RUN FROM" too! Hey–it's not me..it's from GUYS who read it and learned a lot. Just passing the info along….

There are skills for you too. Have you met the woman of your dreams? Are you an eligible, sincere guy and tired of having your heart broken? Let me help you to recognize the women who are worth investing time and money on and those that are not. Save yourself some heartache—learn the skills!

Every man has a potential for inner and outer greatness. I have seen how men can be stifled and stunted in their personal growth by being with the 'wrong' women, women who emasculate them by putting them down and draining their energy. I have helped many men get clear on their choices and discover their deepest sense of purpose and masculinity. I UNDERSTAND men and what you need and can teach you to be more effective in every area of your life.

What have you done to reach your inner potential?

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