Life Coaching/ Intuitive Counseling

Catherine’s skills are endorsed by both Jack Canfield and John Gray in her book A Cure for the Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self-Esteem and the book has been translated into eight languages. Catherine’s years of experience devoted to creating “The Cardinal Technique”, and working with both men and women has honed her ability to intuitively sense what is needed for clients to make dynamic and game-changing positive shifts. Testimonials below in pink boxes.

Her clients often remark on how quickly Catherine can 'figure them out' and offer sound and clear advice on what to do to move forward with clarity, producing positive results in a fraction of the time of other traditional modalities. A culmination of over 20 years of consulting with clients, schooling, multiple certification programs and studying spiritual modalities including those taught at Agape, Buddhism and Self Realization Fellowship, she has honed her perception and created "The Cardinal Coaching Technique" that produces amazing and quick results.

"Catherine-you have an incredible gift to see inside of people, the likes of I have never seen before. You have a rare and special understanding of what each person is feeling and why, and intuitively know the best advice to offer them to help them move forward. I've been working with people in the self-help field for years, but you blow my mind!"

BR-national TV host

"I have worked with Catherine on some personal issues and I can only give the most positive remarks for her excellent work. From the beginning, Catherine consistently attended to every detail with firm compassion, respect and understanding. Most importantly, Catherine has the gifted ability to incorporate a sense of humor, which in her serious business, is a definite asset. My life has changed monumentally. My worst days now are better than my best days before I met her. Every job I am given now, I can carry out with efficiency, care and calmness, which is needed since my job entails working with artists, their management and agents, patrons, sponsors and vendors. Catherine is that rare combination of a person with such proficient and insightful skills combined with a warm and friendly personality. She is a valuable asset to my continuing development. I have nothing but compliments and admiration for her work."

Associate Producer

Dating and Relationship Coaching for Men and Women

Are you dating? How's that going for you? In these times where the 'rules' of dating are based on the latest pop fad, and the Internet sets the pace for meeting people, how do you know, REALLY know how to do it RIGHT?

Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D. CRC, is getting exceptional results in teaching people how to find what they want. Her skills are based on over 25 years of private practice she CAN tell you where you need help to attract that compatible someone. She can help you sift through the profiles on the Internet and weed out the ones you don't want to waste your time on. And she can teach you how to know within one to two dates whether someone is full of BS or a true and real possibility.

There are SKILLS to dating and few of us have learned these skills. Catherine knows them and can help you improve your track record.

And once you meet a great person, Catherine has a great track record with helping couples have relationship success. She has been helping people shift their relationships from unhealthy to 'healthy and HAPPY' for over two decades! With her wealth of experience in compassionate communication and understanding the male and female psyches and how to shift them into a harmonious partnership, she can guide you to taking the next step to your new and improved, more joyous relationships! Click here to get more information about her sessions, read testimonials from her clients and to contact Catherine personally.

"I just completed a coaching series with Catherine on relationships and self-esteem. I thought that it would be about learning to pick better guys, and it was, but much more. My belief in myself and self-confidence is so much better and for the first time I can say I love and accept myself and feel more in charge of my future. This has helped at work, with my family and shows up in every area of my life. Thanks Catherine!"

V.M., Entrepreneur- Health Products
Seattle, WA

"If I could change one thing in my life, it would be to have seen Catherine Cardinal sooner. With her help I was able to move on from the past and live life with enthusiasm and optimism-a way of living that throughout the years I hadn't felt and unfortunately had forgotten existed."

K.M., Comedian

Attention Couples!

The bad news - the divorce rate in California is at 60% and 50% nationwide. The good news - with proper guidance, marriages can be saved. Catherine knows that most all problems in a marriage stem from unresolved conflicts and resentment. Catherine helps the couple get to the deepest cause of their negative dynamic and facilitates a positive, forward moving shift. If you can find the root cause under the repetitive fights, you can shift the relationship into a workable, harmonious place. With Catherine, results can be quick and efficient.

"We were referred to Catherine for Relationship Coaching by a friend who knew we were having marital problems. We are both in high stress jobs in the entertainment industry and were fighting often. Within the first visit we felt comfortable and in good hands. My husband was hesitant to come, thinking the women would gang up on him. But Catherine made us both feel at ease and helped us see the root of our constant arguments. I feel confident that with the relationship skills we learned we have a much better chance of making our relationship work. Thank you Catherine, we are grateful!"

F.M & T.M.

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