Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D., CRC, The Self-Esteem and Relationship Expert

Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D. is an Internationally Certified Relationship Coach and a member of Resource Realizations, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Movement Expression Therapist and an Anger Management Facilitator

Looking to improve your self-esteem? You've come to the right place.

I will tell you all about self-esteem and self-confidence and how to get your fair share of it.

I have observed that healthy self-esteem rarely comes easily to any of us. Our childhoods, peer pressure, society's relentless demands and just plain stress prevents us from maintaining a healthy sense of self. How do you find balance? How do you stop the negativity in your head? How can you re-claim your life? I have developed practical tried & true skills for facilitating positive, forward moving change, and am dedicated to helping you be the CEO of your life! We can all make that shift to an uncommon, remarkable life and I as I often say "shift happens when you use my techniques!"

In my coaching practice of more than 20 years, I have dedicated my work to helping clients achieve success and happiness.

My client base is composed of people from all professions and backgrounds, from celebrities to teachers to homemakers. My trademark is an integrated approach involving many different modalities which yield positive results in a short period of time. Many of my clients have tried other types of coaches and counselors and consistently say, "I can't believe how quickly I saw improvement with you." Gone are the days where you need to stay months and years in sessions - not here!

I have also found that as a published author, I've been able to utilize mass media to reach and help vast numbers of people. Magazines and television have also offered me the opportunity to educate and inform on topics which positively influence individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Since appearing on television and radio, I am frequently contacted by corporations and community groups to deliver talks on topics that are of concern to them. I am an expert at addressing a broad range of issues that affect people's lives.

Let me offer you sound advice that has worked for many others. My books have been published in the U.S., Canada, Japan, China, Germany, Latin America, Italy and Israel. In my self-esteem book, "A Cure for the Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self-Esteem" I say "By becoming a creator instead of a victim, we rise above our internal norm (what's common for us) and take a step towards greatness. We begin to live an 'uncommon' or 'remarkable life'." Simply put, creators know that it's the attitude in which we accept life's challenges that determines their quality of life allowing them to transform defeat into triumph. And the more we feel great about ourselves, the more likely it is that great things will happen for us.

The way to become a creator involves developing a healthy, vibrant, REAL Self-Esteem. One that embodies: Self-Love, Self-Discipline, Self-Reliance, Self-Control and The Ability to Self-Correct.

Which of these do you feel you have strength? Which ones need some help?

Are you ready to have a more fulfilling life? Give yourself permission to have it and think about or journal on "What is my first step to leading a more remarkable life?"

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