Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence & You!

It's not easy in this fast-paced world to always feel good about yourself. Why is it that when under the pressures of every day life we start to beat ourselves up?

Inside of each of us is a stockpile of negative experiences that can date back to childhood, the teen years, early adulthood, and everything else up to the present. Our inner critical voice, "The Critic" starts to remind us of these negative memories and we feel as if we have failed. And from this defeated place, the critic reminds us of how we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough, etc. But the truth is:


If you look back you will find that the memories you have that feel bad are usually based in someone else's actions. Example: in the third grade a teacher singles you out as being a poor reader and announces it in front of the class and puts you in a slow reading group. Your memory of this is one of humiliation and despair, feeling like an idiot and doomed to be stupid all your life. But–It is the TEACHER who is lacking. A loving, caring person would say something like, "Your reading is something we can work on, but you are so very good at science and art(or whatever you were good at, as everyone is good at something!). Then you get the message of your value rather than your lack of value. Your decision of yourself would be totally different if a kinder wiser, more compassionate teacher had spoken.

Take a look at what your inner critic tells you and see if you can trace back where this information, or decision about yourself really came from.

Was it really you? Who was it? Are they still in your life? Can tell your critic to be quiet?

Give back to those that put you down those beliefs and start to claim the new and valuable you.

New Subject: Diets don't work!!

The only way to lose weight and keep things in check is to create a healthy lifestyle that you stick to everyday!

People look at me and because I'm 5 ' and rather (I mean rather) petite, they think I don't have problems with weight. Wrong!! I have been attempting to eat right since I was 25. I eat very little sugar and bread and it is HARD to do. But if I didn't I could gain 20 lbs very quickly and that is a lot of weight for my frame. Two years ago I gained 22 lbs and it took me one year to lose. I had to get back on track. The truth is, if you want to maintain a healthy weight, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, watch sugar and carbs, exercise and watch your alcohol intake. Diets don't work–but healthy lifestyle habits do. Try it–it is hard, but worth it. You'll have a great body image. Respect your body, feed it well and if you feel that you are 'comfort eating' too much, find a support group. I have stress anger management clients who experience frustration with their weight and dieting in general. As a stress and anger management facilitator, i help people release their anger and improve their sense of body image. I wish you all best on your diet and healthy lifestyle.

Love, Catherine Cardinal

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