"TRUE COLORS" is a fun and easy way to learn more about you and the men in your life!

What color are you? What color most describes your partner? How about the men you date?

The TRUE COLORS Personality Assessment has been used in companies, schools and privately with INCREDIBLE success in helping people understand themselves and others around them. So simple, yet so brilliant, this system is a fun and enlightening way to improve communication and assist in conflict resolution. And it can certainly help you understand why you and your partner, co-workers and family have conflicts. True Colors is often used in companies, organizations and schools and is offered free in the Bonus Audio Download, Wise Women get What They Want!

So here's how it works...

  1. Click on the FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD link on this page to get your copy of Wise Women Get What They Want! (Don't forget to get your copy of Men To Run From - a critical tool in aiding you with your success in relationships!)
  2. Then, download the True Colors Personality Questionnaire (see below)
  3. As you listen to Wise Women Get What They Want! you will be instructed on how to fill out the questionnaire to determine your TRUE COLORS.

I provide detailed insight about all the colors, how they interact and fun tips about each. For instance: A BLUE would be late for work because they were meditating, a GREEN would be late for work because they were working out a computer problem, an ORANGE would be late for work because they were out late at a party, and a GOLD would never be late for work! And the truth is, we are combinations of all four colors!

Have fun figuring out which is your most dominant to least. The combination of these 4 color types makes up your personality. You will learn much about what makes you and others tick and acquire do-able skills to clear up communication problems after listening to Wise Women get What They Want!

Having presented the TRUE COLORS assessment dozens of times, I have seen how powerful it is and how it changes people's lives... And it's fun!

People have even had TRUE COLORS parties with their friends... You will love sharing this!

Download the True Colors Personality Questionnaire.pdf.