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As you grow, your personality grows – and changes. In your youth, this was fine until the day you first realized the rest of the world is growing and changing too. Relationships become stressed, you start to doubt yourself, you see friends and family "change" and head in different directions, until you begin to wonder, "Is it me?"

At this point, the personality traits you learned in your youth no longer meet your needs in today's world and can actually keep you from experiencing personal fulfillment in your career, relationships, and total well-being. Taking the steps to change can be an overwhelming struggle unless you become aware of the key issues that strengthen your self-esteem and empower you with the courage to break free from the old habits that hold you back.

A Cure For The Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self-Esteem is a small but deceptively powerful book that pinpoints 10 specific ways to recognize the root cause of common problems and, at the same time, determine a realistic course for improvement. Written in a clear, thoughtful, all-embracing, heart-to-heart style, Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D.'s book gives you the confidence and support to finally take that giant leap – and change for your own good.

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Men to Run From, So You Can Find The Right One To Run To is Catherine Cardinal’s witty and compassionate guide to men that teaches women how to spot the keepers from the throwbacks. Women will learn to recognize the telltale signs of types like Microscope Man, The C’mere Go Away Guy, or the Kid in the Candy Store and others whose behavior only leads to frustration and heartache.

Should you work on it or cut your losses and get out? Read this if you are ready to stop squandering months, even years, with men who aren’t a good match. Use your smarts and find a partner who is capable of building a loving and long-lasting relationship. (Read more about Men To Run From on the Relationships page!)

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Get Catherine's Bonus Audio Book download:  Wise Women Get What They Want!

Get Catherine's bonus audio download, Wise Women Get What They Want!

What it's about: Feeling stuck? Tired of making poor choices? Ready for change? In this audio book, 'Wise Women Get What They Want!', learn tried and true, practical skills on how to make the necessary inner shifts to reach your goals! With over 25 years of experience, Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D., relationship expert and author of A Cure for the Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self-Esteem and Men To Run From knows how to help you get results! Become a wise woman–start now on your journey to becoming a dynamic force capable of creating the life you want!

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CD Music

If You Like Glee You Will Love "Passion of One"!


"Passion of One" is a remarkable CD with with songs from some of the most inspired and diverse artists in the industry. Each song compels you to remember who you truly are..radiant, powerful, beautiful, ALIVE…with the "Passion of One!"

Gene Bua and Toni Bull Bua, composers, Stars of "Love of Life" for ten years, creators/producers of "Pepper Street"--longest running musical in Los Angeles Creators/producers of "Second Wind-The Musical" –winner of 13 top LA Theatre Awards. Toni and Gene's work has been honored by The White House, Congress and six California Mayors. Their song "Love Finds Me" on the Passion of One CD was chosen to be one of the The United Nations Song of Peace.

Brandon Jarrett - composer, "A Baby Story" on TLC; title soundtrack for feature film starring Michael Jackson. He has composed music for TV and films including, "The Dog Who Saved Christmas", "Cinnamon", "A Nanny for Christmas", "Gabe the Cupid Dog', "Diary of an Ex Child Star", and the Red Carpet of the American Music Awards. He has produced Nickelodeon's Ashley Argota and Brandon Hamilton, Neenah Taylor from the movie "Sister Switch", and Les Miserables's Abi Ann, to name a few.

Daniel Alexander - keyboards/composer for "Jetliner"; worked with "Little Richard" and "E.G. Daly"

Jill Schoelen - singer/actress, star of "Stepfather", "Popcorn", "Babes In Toyland" with Drew Barrymore and "Pepper Street")

Craymo - Composer--feature song for UN "New Songs of Peace"

Darryl Retter - Composer -Disney 50th Anniversary theme song

Rick Fitz - Second Wind-leading character actor-tv and film

Sharon Scott - Renown LA singing coach

Kimberly Riley-Weston - "Sister Act II"; star of "Second Wind"


The title song, "Passion of One" is composed by Gene and Toni Bua and sung by Catherine Cardinal and Brandon Jarrett

The CD "Passion of One" was produced by Brandon Jarrett of MoHo Productions and Catherine Cardinal.

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